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Venezuela’s Maduro urges women to have six children

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Venezuela’s Maduro urges women to have six children

Image copyright Getty Images Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has urged women to have six children “for the good of the country”.Appearing at a televised event promoting a national women’s healthcare plan, Mr Maduro instructed women to “give birth, give birth”. The country is facing an economic crisis which has resulted in severe food and medicine…

Venezuela’s Maduro urges women to have six children

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro speaks during a press conference at Miraflores Palace on February 14, 2020 in Caracas, Venezuela Image copyright
Getty Images

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has actually urged ladies to have 6 children “for the good of the country”.

Appearing at a televised occasion promoting a nationwide ladies’s healthcare strategy, Mr Maduro instructed ladies to “deliver, deliver”.

The country is facing a recession which has actually led to severe food and medication shortages.

In Between 2013 and 2018, 13%of Venezuelan children were malnourished, says UN kid’s company Unicef.

A bitter power struggle between the government and the opposition has intensified the country’s trials.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó is considered the genuine leader of Venezuela by more than 50 nations. However President Maduro, the country’s left-wing leader who delights in the support of the Venezuelan armed force, has remained in power.

” May God bless you for having actually enlivened 6 little ladies and kids”, Mr Maduro informed a lady who went to the health care event.

” Every lady should have 6 children for the good of the nation”, he said, including that it was “ladies’s week”, a reference to International Women’s Day on 8 March.

Advocates of Mr Guaidó reacted madly on Twitter. Manuela Bolivar, a member of the opposition-controlled National Assembly said in a tweet: “Hospitals are not functioning, vaccines are scarce, females can not breastfeed since they are malnourished or buy infant formula since it is unaffordable, and the country deals with forced migration due to the humanitarian emergency situation.

” Maduro and all of his program who say this have psychological dissociation.”

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What is the scenario like for families in Venezuela?

One in three Venezuelans is having a hard time to put adequate food on the table to meet minimum nutrition requirements, according to a study by the UN World Food Programme

Amidst the economic crisis, one charity said in 2018 that it had actually seen the variety of babies deserted in the streets or left at the entryways of public buildings increase by 70%

The Venezuelan federal government has not released any main figures in recent years.

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