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Death sought in SC police ambush, suspect insults prosecutor

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Death sought in SC police ambush, suspect insults prosecutor

A prosecutor has announced he will seek the death penalty against a South Carolina man charged with shooting seven police officers in an ambush, killing two of themBy JEFFREY COLLINS Associated PressJune 11, 2020, 10:35 PM3 min readCOLUMBIA, S.C. — Officials will seek the death penalty against a South Carolina man charged with shooting seven…

Death sought in SC police ambush, suspect insults prosecutor

A district attorney has revealed he will look for the death sentence against a South Carolina male charged with shooting seven law enforcement officers in an ambush, eliminating 2 of them


JEFFREY COLLINS Associated Press

June 11, 2020, 10: 35 PM

3 min read

Officials will seek the death sentence against a South Carolina guy charged with shooting seven policemans in an ambush, eliminating 2 of them, a district attorney announced Thursday throughout a hearing where the offender twice called the prosecutor “Fat Eddie.”

Hearings where district attorneys officially announce a death penalty case are typically routine and just a few minutes long in South Carolina, with the prosecutor checking out the legal language.

But Frederick Hopkins, in court in Florence County without his lawyer, told the judge he wished to speak and complained for 8 minutes that he wasn’t provided an initial hearing in the time provided by law. He likewise stated armed deputies surrounding him in the courtroom were just trying to find a factor to damage him.

” Scratch my nose, maybe, and they would have shot me,” Hopkins stated.

Hopkins assailed 3 Florence County deputies he knew were pertaining to his home in October 2018 to carry out a search warrant after his kid was accused of sexually abusing his kids, authorities stated.

He then shot four more officers as they rushed to help the injured officers, detectives said.

Florence Authorities Sgt. Terrence Carraway and Florence County Sheriff’s deputy Farrah Turner were killed. Lawyer Ed Clements is looking for the death penalty for the deaths of the officers.

Hopkins, a lawyer disbarred in 1984 after agreeing he took $18,000 in legal representative costs he shouldn’t have collected, looked at the prosecutor as he got in the courtroom Thursday and said, “well, if it isn’t Fat Eddie.”

Hopkins’ attorney, Aimee Zmroczek, was not in the courtroom. Clements said he notified her of the hearing. Circuit Judge Michael Nettles did not question him or Hopkins to why she wasn’t there.

Zmroczek stated Thursday afternoon she could not talk about the case due to the fact that of a gag order by the judge.

After Clements spent a few minutes reading the notification, Hopkins stated he wanted to speak, according to a video of the hearing by Florence TELEVISION station WPDE.

” I’m not your legal representative. But it would probably remain in your finest interest to not say anything,” the judge said.

Hopkins then spoke for 8 minutes, mostly stating Clements has not followed guidelines about criminal cases and proof.

” Mr. Clements the Third, classy though he is, dapperly dressed, does not follow the rules of the south Carolina criminal treatments,” Hopkins stated.

After eight minutes of more insults against Clements and the magistrates he blamed for the postponed preliminary hearing, Nettles stopped Hopkins.

” Now is not the time to do that,” Nettles stated.

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” I believe it is,” Hopkins responded.

” No it’s not,” the judge addressed, then quickly ended the hearing.

Hopkins, his legs shackled to his arms, had a hard time to gather an armful of books, legal files and documents. He took a look at Clements on more time.

” Thank you Fat Eddie,” Hopkins said. “Roll it up and choke on it.”

Clements never responded to the insults.


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